Talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

23 Dec

I hate December; no I mean it, I really do hate December. I suffer with depression, and was incorrectly treated for this condition 7 years ago, which has permanently altered my body chemistry and made things worse, especially through the Winter months and the shorter hours of day light. I am still chemically imbalanced due to a prescription of Lithium based antidepressants and because of a clerical error I received between 12 and 24 times the usual normal dosage, it has taken my body 5 years to expel this Lithium, but I now have a serious condition where Vitamin C is barely retained by my body and it is essential that I take a minimum of 300mg of Vitamin C (3 x100mg) daily; if I don’t, I crash down into near suicidal bouts of depression. I know that my hatred of December is a psychological condition, and especially the 3 weeks before the winter solstice, which are like a physical and very real, high brick wall that I have to walking alongside, and when the solstice arrives it is like finding an open gate in the wall through which I must pass to save myself; this year has not been any different, and I am now glad the solstice has passed, and my mood has lifted significantly over the last 24 hour period. I am stood here with a cup of tea and smoking a hand rolled cigarette, looking out over the garden and its mess which I’ve yet to clear up, and wondering why my self pity has allowed me to lose the previous 3 weeks when I could have achieved so much with just a few hours of effort:  it is the same every year and it is an annual cycle that I am desperate to break.

So far I’ve been talking the talk regarding this 9 sq/mtr project, now it is time to begin walking the walk. The dimension drawings for the new stepped 3 tiered garden planters are complete, I have sufficient reclaimed pallet timber stripped and denailed standing on two trestles in the garden which have been sheeted down to prevent the wood getting wet. I have enough wood screws, glue and preservative to make the first two rear support frames, and panel them in, and I now have an electrical supply in the garden workshop to power the tools with; it’s time to get on and do!

Making the planters is only one aspect of the preparation work required for this project, there is also the logistical need to shift around 7 tons of soil, gravel and manure, along with planning the companion growing sq ft gardening approach. Crops have to be thought about, planting, growing and harvesting have to be planned, compatibilities and incompatibilities have to be considered, and no doubt there are things we have not yet even thought about. So I am going to get the next few days of the Christmas festive season over and done with, and on  Monday the 26th I will begin cutting timber and getting on with it. I will begin with manually cutting the horizontals to fit the verticals to on the rear frameworks….. I know that Lois has bought me a new Ryobi cordless circular saw for Christmas to replace the one I ruined when we refurbished the kitchen and replaced the bathroom door. ….. bring it on!


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