7 Jan


Did you know there is the word Yerk in the English Dictionary ?

Origin: Late Middle English cira 1400-5450

Noun (used with object);

1. to strike or whip.

2. to stir up; arouse; excite.

3. to jerk.

4. to move (a part of one’s body) with a jerk.

5. to pull (stitches) tight or bind tightly.

verb (used without object)

6. to kick.

7. to rise suddenly.

8. to enter into something eagerly.


9. a kick or jerk.

10. a thud or blow, as from a stick.

I was out late on Pilling Park last night and could hear the Foxes in the distance yelping and barking, and came to the conclusion that they were actually making a noise that was somewhere between a yelp and a bark hence my interpretation; Yerk.

Things actually started to happen today on the 9 sq/mtr project. I began sorting out various lengths of previously reclaimed pallet planking, and decided that there will be a slightly variation in the way that I will make them. Instead of using pallet stringers to make both the horizontal and vertical elements of the frame work, I will now be only using the Pallet stringers for the vertical pieces, the horizontals being made from pallet decking planks. This will save me a considerable amount of stringer timber that will be needed for another job later in the year, and will only require the halving cut outs in the verticals, as the planks are only 20 mm thick: the stringers are around 85mm X 40mm. This will provide me with a cleaner surface to fix the cladding planks to.

With all the verticals for two planters cut, and sliced but not chiselled out for the halving joints, I then picked out the planks to make the horizontals for these frames. I was sort of half expecting my friend Jonathan to call round, so I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, and that is when all the unwanted door knockers arrived. Over the next 30 minutes I had the following interfere with my day: Sky TV salesman, Jehovah’s witnesses, a gardener, a window cleaner, a double glazing salesman, and some charity people wanting me to sign up to £2 per month. By the time I got to drink my tea it had gone cold and the North Easterly wind had picked up. I am afraid to say that I wimped out and packed the tools away and retired back into the warm and to the novel I am currently reading: Eragon.


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