17 Mar

I spent 2½ days installing the plywood cell walls into the loft; 19 joists with 4 panel sections fixed to each, making 76 pieces of plywood lifted into the loft and screwed down by me, along with making a box section for the loft hatch and a new box to act as the loft hatch which is also to be filled with 200 mm of insulation.  The insulation installers turned up at the allotted appointment time, and 30 minutes later the job was completed, and immediately I began to feel the difference in the whole house. Each room is warmer by 2-3⁰C, and the house is quieter: from inside generated noise, and especially from the background noise of the city: which over the last 15 months we had become so use to.
I have decided to dispose of the old sections of bedroom units and old wardrobe pieces that have made up the floor of the loft and will replace them with 9mm plywood, I may even glue a piece 18 mm insulation board to the underside of each new section of plywood flooring before I lay it down in place. Yes, it will be more expense, but we are here in this house for the long term, and once it is do, it is done. …… and it will save us more on the heating and fuel bills.
While I am still on the subject of fuel bills, insulation and the like, the main contracting company that installed the insulation under this scheme has informed us that we also qualify for the Barclays bank carbon off-set scheme for a completely free solar panel installation: up to a maximum of 46 sq/mtrs. In a nutshell Barclays bank premises across the country consume a lot of electricity and have a very large carbon foot print, and they receive off-set carbon credits by covering our roof with solar panels with us producing electricity which we either consume and use to reduce our bill, or sell to the national grid. So we are now going along the road of checking through all of the small print, whilst waiting for the pre- installation survey later this week.
Clearance work has at long last begun in our garden ready for the installation of 2 of the new planters which are a major part of our 9 sq/mtr project. I have a large fibreglass storage box to move before grubbing out a spindly Buddleia tree.  He frames for the new planters have been made from reclaimed pallet stringer timbers, and are waiting to be clad with old pallet deck planks before they are put in place.
However, work as a contracting mechanical engineer and pallet bar sales have really taken off and all of a sudden I have not got all the time I need to get these projects done. Add to that the fact that my 50th birthday is approaching: only 8 weeks away, and Lois wants it all in place, the decking cleared and the garden tidied before I can have a party, I am really going to have to get on and do at every available opportunity.
The plywood cells in the loft prior to the extra insulation being installed:

One of the many wasp nests that I found in the loft while doing this job. That is Norfolk reed  the roof tiles have been laid on; it’s been there for 77 years:

The yellow fibreglass storage box that will have to be moved. It will be turned around 90 degrees and placed tight up against the blue water butts. One planter will be installed where the yellow box currently is, and the second where the pallet is sitting. Alas the small Buddleia will have to come out.
In this photo is where all of our 9 sq/mtr project will be sited. Our original 3 tier vegetable planter is on the left of the photo. ,
The current state that I have our decking area in. Lois is getting fed up with not be able to enjoy it, while I have a pallet reclamation yard there. I have over 1000 linear mtrs of timber stacked up there.


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