1 Jun

It has been two weeks days since I last posted in my blog, and what a busy time it has been for Lois & I.
The weather broke on Wednesday the 23rd. It was 8⁰C and raining on the Tuesday, and then 23⁰C and dry on the Wednesday. Ironically enough on that evening we began watering the plants in the garden; 60 continuous days of rain and we have to irrigate the garden within 24 hours of it stopping! Fortunately we have almost 5cu/mtrs (5000 litres) of rainwater stored in three IBC water tanks and several plastic barrel water butts dotted around the garden.
Here are the photographs taken during the weekend of the 26th and 27th of May
With the dry conditions, it allowed me the opportunity to get the two new planters for the 9sq/ mtr project filled with riddle through topsoil from the heap at the bottom of the garden.

Both of these new vegetable planters required 13 trugs of soil; 26 trugs in total, each one of them filled with approx 50 kg of riddle through stone free soil:

The ratio was approximately 60% soil to 40% stones & gravel: it’s a good job that this will be required for another aspect of this project and various other jobs around the garden:

Our new garden truck proved to be ideal for this job. However, the low tipping height excluded using it for tipping directly into the planters:

But it managed the full capacity 200kg loads with ease:

Now I have the planters filled, it is down to Lois to populate them with the vegetable seedlings and young plants:

The Sweet Potatoes now have viable slips for planting up on them:

We also have several pots with Oca planted in them, and they are now beginning to show through:

Our herb planter is currently overflowing:

And there is an abundance of chard, and leaf vegetables in the 3 tiered vegetable Planter:

The ground level vegetable patch is also doing extremely well:

The wild Horseradish is doing very well, and will soon be ready for separating the roots into other pots for further propagation; it has to be kept in pots on top of the water tank to prevent Oz getting at it …he loves to chew fresh horseradish root:

In the conservatory the seedlings are coming along nicely and some of the plants are almost ready to transfer out in to their final positions:

The vegetables in the old galvansied steel water tank are beginning to show some promise. The leeks have taken almost 1 year to grow to that size due to being shaded out by last years crop of Wonderberries (Please don’t bother growing these, as they are virtually tasteless).

Now that I have the structual and hard landscaping work for our 9 sq/mtrs project more or less done, Lois will take over the majority of the planting, tending and harvesting allowing me to concentrate on the the other aspects of this and other projects for our garden …. look forward to lots more posts folks. _________________


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