10 Jun

It has been a week where if it could happen it has happened, although the 9 sq/mtr project is beginning to come into its own and is now supplying us with about 20-25% of all the vegetables we are eating: there is even enough for guests, and to trade with a near neighbour.
Purple curly Kale and Chard are currently the most prolific followed closely by Leeks and spring Onions, and an awful lot of Chinese spicy leaf and other leaf crops, and a few very early Carrots. The herb planter is also prolific and again with enough available for friends and neighbours to pick. We have planted 4 of the sweet potato slips in to one of the new planters (the south planter in the shade) and all 4 have taken and are thriving. Courgettes and squash seem to be doing well as do all of the root crops and potatoes.
We have eventually decided not to embark into the realms of Chicken keeping this year, and may choose not to keep any next year. Mainly because we are starting to spend time away from home, that will include several weekends away, and we think it is unfair to burden our neighbours with the necessary tasks that chicken keeping entails. To this end we are going to extend the ground level vegetable plot by approximately 1.2 metres, prepare a new vegetable plot for the autumn where the chicken pen would have stood. Another reason for not keeping chickens is the recent damage we have sustained during last Fridays storm. High winds have damaged a section of fencing which will need all of the panels replaced, and an inspection of the post indicates they are beginning to rot and we might as well be replace all of this section. The chicken pen would have backed onto this and it would have been a major obstacle when replacing the fencing.
The storm also took away approximately one third of the workshop roof during Friday night and the rain lashed in, ruining a Tig welder, Stick welder and the plasma cutter, falling debris took out my small radial arm drill and felled a set of shelves. About 15 litres of paint fell with these shelves and the lids popped from the tins covering a section of floor with a mixture of primer and gloss. Fortunately my Mig welder, pillar drill, chop-saw and compressor remained unscathed. To make matters a little more complicated I was also to be Godfather to Pilsbury’s son; Aaron, and as the damage was already done to the workshop and my equipment we decided to go ahead with the 100 mile drive down into deepest, darkest Essex and fulfil my duty as godfather, leaving the majority of the post storm clean up for this (Sunday) morning.
I have an appointment later this week with the insurance assessor regarding my claim for a new roof and the damaged equipment, but ironically I had scheduled two weeks in August to have the roof completely refurbished; hopefully the insurance company will payout for a new roof, or at least make a serious contribution towards it, which will lessen the impact upon my wallet. I have not taken any photos of the project this week, but Lois has. When she has sorted through them, I will post them up. But here is a couple of photos of Aaron’s Christening:
Tony, Aaron and me:

And Aaron with Lois and I:


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