19 Aug

Well, it has yet again been almost a month since I made a
post in this blog of mine, and everything is not coming up Roses in the garden,
and especially in the 9 sq/mtr project.

The rain stopped and then we
experienced the beginning of the hot and humid weather. Blight has struck and it
has hit us hard. Within only 5 days we have lost all of our Potatoes, Tomatoes
and sweet (Bell) Peppers. Rust, Fungus and mildew is devastating our other food
crops, and our intake of home grown vegetables has dropped to approximately 25%.
To top it all the remaining plants are being ravaged by Caterpillars, slugs,
snails and aphids; no doubt there are a lot more species of plant munchers
having a go as well. I don’t know whether to be delighted or disheartened to see
so many Tits, Robins, Starlings, Blackbirds and Thrushes foraging though the veg
patch; delight in seeing them setting vigorously into all of the insects and
invertebrates, or disheartened because there is such a veritable feast of them
available for the birds. It was only a couple of days ago I realised that have
not seen either Martain, Swallow or Swift gracing the skies over Norwich for
more than two weeks; is that because of the reduced numbers of flying insects
due to the very wet few weeks we have all  experienced? And they have migrated
to more abundant parts.

Although the blight did for the Potatoes we did
mange to lift about 14 or 15lbs of tubers suitable for eating from 12 plants. A
rather disappointing result when we should have harvested about 6 or 7lbs from
each one. If we got 1/2lb of tomatoes from all the plants then that was it, and
all of the Peppers have died. Something has laid eggs on all of the sweet
potatoes and as a result the plants are dying back
On the plus side nearly
every flower or flowering plant is in full bloom and I have observed 8 different
species of bees attending the many clusters flowering in the planters, veg patch
and herb planters.
Alas I cannot take any photos at the moment as my camera
has been lost by Comet from whom Lois purchased it from, and although I have
found and sort of semi resurrected my old damaged and held together with rubber
bands Kodak digital camera it is proving to be rather temperamental.

is not rosy in our garden and I will be the first to admit that is rather down
heartening, but I am not going to give up, but try a little harder, learn from
our experiences and take the opportunity to gain more knowledge so that I can
prevent previously made mistakes and hopefully avoid


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