Hopefully a new beginning and a rebirth of my 9 sq/mtr project.

9 Dec

Having been either rather ill or very busy (and sometimes both at the same time) this year I have let both our garden, and my 9 sq/mtr project slip, and over the whole of this year we have produced only about 30% of the vegetables we have eaten.

Later this week I will start my rundown for Christmas. I have been working extremely hard since we returned from India and I have trebled and almost quadrupled my usual stocking levels so that I can gain a week (of hopefully frosty days) that I may get 2 or 3 days of Pike fishing in, and bring the 9 sq/mtr project back into line, including incorporating large amounts of Horse & Donkey manure to replenish the soil. I also wish to undertake a bit of landscaping in the garden, which includes the addition of a 12 mtr long X 1.2 metre high screening fence with a 1.5 mtr wide gated archway (all made from reclaimed pallet timber) complete with climbing Roses, and a roofed but open walled structure with an area of 5 mtrs X 3 mtrs X 2.5 mtrs high for undertaking projects under and out of the rain.

During the summer I became involved as an associate member in a local Community share Growing & Cropping project. This project currently has approx. 7 acres under cultivation by its members, and although I will not be directly involved in the cultivation, etc. why I have become involved will become apparent during March and April of next year.

Yesterday, I began cleaning up the garden a little from last weeks extremes in the weather. Although we are some 15 or 16 odd miles inland from the nearest bit of Norfolk coastline we did experience the gale force storm and the subsequent masses of wind blown leaves from Lionwood and litter from Pilling Park that were deposited in our garden. I also had a bonfire and burnt off an awful lot of old and dry Leylandii brash that we had cut and trimmed from our hedges over the previous 12 months or so, and to finish off the day before settling in for an evening of reading & online backgammon, I set a couple of Sweet Potatoes to chit so that come the late spring we will have viable slips to plant out in the vegetable plots.

This is easily accomplished by obtaining some Sweet Potatoes from a Supermarket and using a Bamboo skewer to support them with the pointy end just in some clean water on a warmish windowsill; preferably south facing so that the tubers may receive sufficient sunlight to produce slips strong enough for planting and growing a crop from. In all I will have 8 Sweet Potatoes hopefully producing healthy slips for planting next season. They will be purchased in pairs from 4 different Supermarkets so that I have unrelated stock chitting, which if we generate sufficient slips I will share with some gardening friends. It may take 4-6 weeks for the first slips to show, and we have set ours off 3 weeks earlier than last year, so that they may be more advanced and hardy enough before the springtime weather turns warm enough to allow them to be planted outside in their final positions for cropping.

sweet potato slips 2014


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